NEWS29 April 2015

Kantar and comScore start joint measurement offering

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UK — Kantar Media and comScore have announced a joint offering for cross-media audience measurement, the first to come from their strategic alliance which began earlier this year.

Bringing together their TV and internet audience measurement experts, the companies have defined a road-map with a range of reporting scopes and various measurement assets and techniques, including panels, meters, tagging, home routers, return path data and census profiles.

Spain will be the pilot market with initial findings expected later this year, and other markets to follow.

Andy Brown, CEO & chairman of Kantar Media said: “As advertising spend on integrated cross-media campaigns increases, there is a growing demand for solutions that bring together TV and internet audience measurement to provide cross-media reach and frequency.”

The defined scopes of reporting for an integrated measurement approach in addition to core broadcast TV include: Extended TV - content broadcast in simulcast or on-demand on smartphones, tablets desktops and OTT devices; Total Video - all video content from online platforms whether broadcast video or not, such as YouTube; and Total View - all online content whether video or text based, accessed via a browser or app, on smartphones, tablets desktops and OTT devices.