NEWS30 May 2023

ITV builds advertising campaign analysis tool

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UK – ITV has created a new platform to help brands measure outcomes from television advertising across both regional and national campaigns.

ITV Studios in Salford

The platform, called Geo-X, has been created by ITV AdLabs and will provide tools, analysis and data to advertisers to run geographic experiments to examine the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns.

Geo-X will locate advertisers’ sales and web traffic data, including modelling and adjusting for IP address geolocation accuracy.

The platform also analyses multiple key performance indicators, including sales, visits, sources of web traffic, search, demographic response and brand tracking metrics.

Geo-X is a free measurement consultancy for all ITV advertisers, no matter the size of their campaigns, and will be scalable, including self-serve options. 

Kate Waters, director of strategy and planning at ITV, said: “Since its launch ITV has always given advertisers the opportunity to target by region, but it has been difficult to express digital data in a way that is aligned to TV regions.

“We are on a mission to make sure TV regional testing is done with the same level of rigour as our digital competitors – hence the launch of Geo-X by ITV.

“We estimate that if brands use all the tools and data we now have, their geo tests could be up to twice as sensitive at finding the value that telly creates.”