NEWS8 February 2012

IT analyst Gartner reports 14% rise in full-year revenue

Financials North America

US— IT analyst firm Gartner has reported a full year revenue increase of 14%, taking total revenue to $1.47bn, with fourth quarter revenue up 12% to $427.7m.


The firm’s research activities brought in $1bn worth of revenue in 2011 (up 17% from 2010 ), with a fourth quarter increase of 14% to $262m. Contract value for this area of the business stood at $1.1bn at the end of 2011, a 14% increase from 2010 and the highest reported contract value in Gartner’s history.

Fourth quarter revenue generated by the firm’s consulting business was down 1% to $88.6m, however full year revenue rose 2% to $308m.

Net income across the business for 2011 was $136.9m, up 42%. Gartner is headed by CEO Gene Hall (pictured).