NEWS9 May 2013

Israeli firm ‘measures emotion through voices’

Middle East and Africa Technology

ISRAEL — Software has been launched that claims to measure the attitudes and decision-making process from a person’s voice.

Beyond Verbal uses a person’s raw voice in real-time to understand their mood, attitude and decision-making characteristics as they speak, according to the eponymous company, and is the result of 18 years research by physicists and neuropsychologists that studied more than 60,000 subjects in 26 languages.

The technology is available for partnerships in consumer applications, devices and appliances and the company said it was preparing to launch a web tool where people can use the platform to analyse voices, while the first third-party mobile app to use Beyond Verbal technology was set to launch in the coming weeks.

Beyond Verbal’s CEO Yuval Mor said: “Beyond Verbal has the potential to impact numerous multi-billion dollar verticals and leverage a new market of emotionally-enhanced applications installed in any voice-enabled, voice-activated or voice-controlled device.”