NEWS26 May 2011

ISBA publishes measurement guidance for online advertisers

Features UK

UK— Advertiser association ISBA has released a new guide to analytics and measuring digital content, in conjunction with Jonathan Longden, director of analytics and accountability at ad agency R/GA.

The new guide is designed to help advertisers build a measurement strategy, select the right tools and decide what they should be measuring and the best way to report findings.

ISBA’s consultancy manager Christina Nilsson said: “Digital measurement is an area that continues to be high up on marketers’ agendas. I have no doubt that our measurement guide will be a useful tool to enhance the measurement to help setting smart objectives and KPIs upfront of their digital campaign work.”

The organisation said that digital advertising remains “the new kid on the block” despite claiming to be more measurable than more traditional media, and there is still confusion among clients as to the best ways of measuring digital content.

ISBA members can request a copy of the guidelines through the association’s website.