NEWS7 April 2017

IRI links brand equity to purchase behaviour

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US – IRI has launched IRI EquityScore, which analyses buyer loyalty, as measured by brand awareness, affinity and performance, and assesses how that translates to purchase behaviour. 

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The tool, which can measure results on a longitudinal basis over time, integrates equity metrics; leveraging survey results, actual sales transactional data and IRI ProScores predictive modelling within the IRI Liquid Data technology platform. 

The solution has been designed to lead directly to an activation plan, providing specific direction for ways in which manufacturers and retailers can improve equity among consumers, with the view that this will in turn drive more sales. 

“Manufacturers and retailers are not currently benefiting from their brand equity work because existing industry tools are not predictive of the impact of brand equity on sales or share," said Robert Tomei, president of consumer & shopper marketing for IRI.

"IRI has taken the unprecedented step of developing an analytics solution that links measurement of brand equity to actual purchase behaviour, providing a more complete picture of brand perception, as well as actionable marketing insights to help companies drive growth.”