NEWS16 September 2015

IRI and Rentrak extend TV data insights

News North America

US — Retail, media and health data company IRI has partnered with audience measurement firm Rentrak to broaden its alliance in TV data insights.

Rentrak has licensed IRI Liquid Data (ILD), the CPG data management platform, as its core data platform and by using the IRI Private Cloud solution for insights it can customise and embed these into Rentrak’s own system.

Rentrak is now able to overlay the trillions of records that IRI has on granular, household-level insights with its own information on reach and frequency within a cloud solution providing customised data solutions.

In addition, Rentrak will provide IRI with access to TV information from millions of households, enhancing IRI’s TV planning and cross-media solutions for CPG clients.

Andrew Appel, president and chief executive officer, IRI said: “The combination of IRI’s Liquid Data platform, Rentrak’s propriety TV information, and IRI’s purchase data will bring tremendous value to clients across industries by accurately correlating media exposure to offline sales and identifying optimisation opportunities.”