NEWS17 March 2011

Ipsos to add Innerscope biometrics to ad testing offer

North America Technology

US— Ipsos is to integrate biometric research capabilities into some of its best-known ad research products through a partnership with Innerscope Research.

Innerscope employs a biometric sensor belt to monitor skin sweat, heart rate, respiration and movement – what it describes as the key physiological indicators of emotion.

AdLab will be the first Ipsos product to incorporate the sensor belt alongside more traditional quant and qual approaches.

This will be followed by the Ipsos ASI Next*Connect ad testing tool and the concept and package testing tools, Innoscreen Concepts and Pack Evolution.

Innerscope chief research officer Carl Marci said: “Partnering with one of the most successful and well-respected research companies in the world helps us to accelerate the process of making biometric research fundamental to advertisers and marketers on a day-to-day basis.”