NEWS22 September 2010

Ipsos sees TV opportunity for MediaCell audience measurement technology

Technology UK

UK— Ipsos MediaCT is in talks with television companies with a view to testing its mobile phone-based MediaCell audience measurement technology as means of tracking out-of-home viewing.

The firm is currently trialling the technology to count radio listeners in London but product development director Jim Ford said that there are options to use it to measure what people are watching while out and about.

He said: “MediaCell was originally developed for radio but it has applications for any exposure to electronic audio. It allows us – if we want – to do a complete accurate measure of exposure to TV.”

Ford said talks with a number of TV stations are at a very early stage – “too early” to provide further details, he said.

MediaCell is a 3G mobile phone app that uses the device’s in-built microphone to pick up on “false echoes” embedded in audio contect to track exposure.

Click here for an in depth interview with Ford about the current MediaCell radio trial.