NEWS23 February 2011

Ipsos passes the billion euro mark in 2010

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FRANCE— Ipsos has reported organic growth of 8.3% in 2010, with revenues totalling €1.14bn.

On a reported basis the company grew 20.9%, partly thanks to the January 2010 acquisition of US-based online researcher OTX.

Organic growth was strongest in Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Latin America, which together now contribute about 30% of the firm’s revenue. Europe saw the weakest organic growth, at 4%.

Ipsos’ fastest-growing business line in 2010 was advertising research, followed by customer satisfaction. Opinion and social research declined 6.5% organically, although on a reported basis there was growth there too. The firm said that budget cuts to public policy evaluation programmes in the UK cost it 1% in organic growth – and it expects to take a further 1.5% hit for the same reason this year.

In 2011, Ipsos said, it will focus on hiring new people, assigning dedicated staff to clients, developing new services with online subsidiary OTX and pursuing further acquisitions. The agency said the year “is off to a good start”, and that it plans to beat the expected 5% growth rate of the research industry.