NEWS9 November 2021

Ipsos Mori launches menopause policy

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UK – Ipsos Mori has created a policy to help employees going through the menopause, including paid leave and flexible working.


The policy has been introduced by Ipsos Mori to address potential stigma around the menopause and to provide greater support to staff going through it.

Ipsos Mori said that employees would get up to 10 days in paid leave each year to manage menopausal symptoms or support a loved one through the menopause.

The company said it would also make changes available to working environments to help ameliorate menopausal symptoms, such as desk fans, occupational health assessments and quiet rooms.

Flexible working and adjustments to work patterns will be made available to employees, and line managers will be trained on the menopause to ensure they can provide adequate support.

Ipsos Mori also has groups, policies and networks to support employees going through the menopause, including its menopause group, mental health first aiders, its wellness action plan and taboo breaking events.

Claire Timmins, director of HR at Ipsos Mori, said: “For some, the symptoms of menopause can be complex and the majority of people suffer these in silence, but this has to stop.

“We need to be talking about the very real impact the menopause can have on people, both in the workplace and in their private lives, and empowering them to take that support when they need it.

“People at this life stage have a wealth of experience and knowledge and are enormously valuable to our business and we want to support our staff, so they continue to have successful and fulfilling careers.”