NEWS31 October 2023

Brands must improve approach to the menopause, says IPA

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UK – Only 7% of women aged 35 to 60 think brands and retailers are performing ‘very well’ at catering to the menopause, according to research from the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA).

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The IPA report, called The Menopause: The change we need to see, found that a further 45% of 35 to 60-year-old women believed brands were doing fairly well at addressing the menopause, implying that 48% think more could be done.

The research found 19% in this age bracket noticed marketing or advertising specifically for menopausal products, a 10-percentage point increase since 2000.

Of the women that were aware of menopause-related advertising, some found it informative ( 45%) while others said it was ‘uninspiring’ ( 26%).

Around two-fifths of women feel that the advertising targeted at their stage of life is unreflective of their life or that of their friends ( 46%), according to the research, with other issues suggesting the advertising was uninspiring ( 45%), outdated ( 43%) and not relatable ( 41%).

The findings are based on data from GenM, menopause partner for 90 brands, alongside existing Euromonitor and CIPD data and additional qualitative data from women aged 49 to 64.

Sophie Dimond, insight analyst at the IPA, said: “The menopause is a complex area requiring greater understanding and empathy from brands, and indeed, employers to support individuals on their journey.

“Menopause isn’t an issue for women of a certain age to worry about, it’s an issue for everyone to care about.”

Caris Brett, insight analyst at the IPA, said: “By investing in greater understanding of this significant life stage, marketers have a significant opportunity to help the health and wellbeing of individuals while growing their businesses.

“Meanwhile agencies could significantly aid the retention of experienced and much-needed talent, who without the relevant support might otherwise leave the business.”

Heather Jackson, co-founder at GenM, said: “We call menopause ‘the change’ because it does what it says on the tin – it can change everything, from nutrition to cosmetics, and even the clothes you might wear. It’s important for brands to remember there are 48 signs and symptoms. That’s 48 opportunities to serve the menopausal consumer.

“Already busy and time-poor with career and family responsibilities, menopausal consumers are also dealing with symptoms like sleep loss, fatigue, anxiety and brain fog. Brands need to respond to this and make it easy to search, source and shop for menopause-friendly products. Improving signposting, marketing and streamlining consumer experience is key.”