NEWS14 July 2021

Ipsos Mori launches deliberative engagement guide

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UK – Ipsos Mori has released a best practice guide to deliberative engagement to help other organisations looking to use the methodology.

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Deliberative engagement is defined in the guide as putting people at the heart of decision-making through informed discussions, involving diverse perspectives, and understanding lived experiences.

According to the guide, deliberative engagement is a food way of getting people to explore ethical, political and societal challenges, focusing on understanding other people’s perspectives and finding common ground.

The guide features 10 key principles for successful deliberative engagement, including defining a clear question, ensuring stakeholder buy-in and engaging at the right time.

Other principles include committing resources and accountability, providing balanced information, scrutinising the project and reflecting the diversity of views.

Putting inclusivity at the heart of the method, transparency of the process but privacy for participants, and representing the public accurately make other the final three principles in the guide.

The guide is the first release by Ipsos Mori’s Qualitative Research and Engagement Centre, headed by Michelle Mackie.

Mackie said: “We have been delivering deliberative engagement at Ipsos Mori for some time now and we have learnt a lot about how best to run these studies.

“We have developed these best practice principles to act as a ‘how to’ guide for those wishing to commission and deliver deliberative engagement.”

The guide can be found here