NEWS23 October 2012

Ipsos Mori and King’s College London link up

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UK— Ipsos Mori has struck a partnership with King’s College London to develop new research opportunities and ‘enhance’ the impact of their respective research work.

The partnership has three objectives: to ensure that as much as possible is learned from existing research, to develop new research studies and to increase the impact of both organisations’ research on public policy and debates.

As a result of the partnership, three Ipsos Mori staff members will take up posts at King’s. They are Dr Roger Mortimer, Sir Robert Worcester and Bobby Duffy. Together with Ipsos Mori CEO Ben Page they will join a management board drawn from both organisations.

Page (pictured) said: “This partnership aligns perfectly with Ipsos Mori’s aims to share our research as widely as possible and increase its impact. The fit with King’s is particularly good, given both organisations’ international focus and reach.”


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9 years ago

It's not the same as Cambridge though is it Ben? ouch

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