NEWS7 September 2016

Ipsos launches tool for product development

News North America

US – Ipsos ProductQuest has released Sense*Suite to help guide clients early stage research & development projects.

Nervous system senses_crop

Sense*Suite builds on Ipsos’ product testing and optimisation expertise and integrates qualitative techniques with quantitative assessments. The suite uses product deprivation, role playing, 3D stimulus and other qualitative approaches, along with scaled responses, to address clients’ product development challenges.

New solutions within the suite include tools to assess the sensory requirements and evaluations of the prototypes.

Radhecka Roy, global lead of NPD Business, Ipsos UU, said: "In developing Sense*Suite, we have integrated our qualitative research philosophy of Hot & Cold research, where Hot consists of disruptive, intuitive and in-the-moment techniques and Cold reflects our strong analytical frameworks on consumer behaviour.

"Sense*Suite is a great example of combining the raw, disruptive, emotional and technology-enabled insights of the sensorial product experience with the strong discipline and rich experience of product development frameworks."

Ipsos ProductQuest tests more than 7,000 products each year and uses mobile testing, emotional drivers and neuroscience applications.