NEWS7 November 2019

Ipsos launches self-serve platform

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FRANCE – Ipsos has launched a self-service automated research platform, Ipsos.Digital.

Clients using the service can identify their sample from Ipsos’ online samples, launch studies and receive automated reports.

It includes a tool to build questionnaires, 700 pre-defined sample targets, and claims, name, varieties and visual testing tools.

Andrei Postoaca, chief executive, Ipsos.Digital, said the platform would “streamline processes and enable clients to access insights in hours rather than days or weeks”.

The platform is available in the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Ipsos plans to launch it in 11 other countries by January 2020.

Postoaca added: “Platform users can work on their own or obtain assistance from relevant Ipsos experts around the world.”