NEWS8 December 2009

Ipsos integrates gaming services into new practice

North America Technology

US— Ipsos has set up a new practice to address the needs of video game developers, marketers and console manufacturers.

The firm has integrated its gaming research products into the new practice, which is called 3D, including Ipsos InnoCreation’s co-creation tools, qualitative concept development from Ipsos GameStorm Ideation and GamerLink Workshops, concept screening, database development, advertising research and various ad hoc approaches.

Kevin Waters, president of Ipsos MediaCT, said: “Gaming is now a central focus across North America, wherever consumers can view a screen. And as gaming increases in entertainment value, it also increases in business value. That means games developers and marketers need better research targeted to their growing audiences, opportunities and risks.”

He added that clients would “benefit tremendously” from having all the firm’s gaming offerings “under one roof”.