NEWS29 July 2019

Ipsos innovation testing launched

Innovations News North America

US – Research and insights organisation Ipsos has released Ipsos Innovation Testing, its latest offer using behavioural science to screen innovations.

It uses an intuitive, gamified test design that mimics the quick decisions people make in the digital world and uses engaging choice-based tasks enhanced by response time to detect conviction or hesitation, applying artificial intelligence to detect emotions associated with the choice.

Jiongming Mu, senior vice-president global innovation solutions at Ipsos, said: “Constant evolution is the new normal, the innovation journey is fluid and ever-changing. Clients need to move efficiently and swiftly to obtain a total understanding of consumer needs, wants, and desires. Innovations need to stand out from the crowd. But only those that change habits and impact behaviour will sustain. This is why Ipsos Innovation Testing was created – to help clients overcome these challenges.”