NEWS19 October 2012

Ipsos InnoQuest develops Archetype IQ System

Technology UK

UK — Ipsos InnoQuest, the innovation and forecasting section at Ipsos, has developed a new Archetype IQ System for classifying consumer packaged goods innovations into twelve “archetype” profiles.

The “archetypes” are based on consumer evaluations from 10,000 cases in Ipsos’s concept database and are based on research conducted by its Vantis team.

Each one describes a distinct innovation profile based on key performance indicators and is intended to help marketers gauge the potential of their latest innovations.

Lee Markowitz, global chief research officer at Ipsos InnoQuest, said: “In an increasingly complex and competitive world, deciding which concepts to move forward with can no longer come down to a simple ‘go’ or ‘no go’ action standard.The market is full of nuances.”

Lauren Demar, global CEO for Ipsos InnoQuest (pictured), added: “To ensure that no worthy innovation opportunity goes unnoticed, a strategic understanding of innovation archetypes provides deeper insight into the real world market potential behind clients’ new product ideas – ultimately ensuring a greater return on investment.”