NEWS3 June 2016

Ipsos Healthcare adds to oncology molecular diagnostics portfolio

Healthcare Innovations News North America

Ipsos Healthcare has launched the syndicated PD-L1 testing monitor study, designed to complement the solid tumours MDx testing monitor.

According to the announcement, the new study offers ‘a deep-dive on the rapidly evolving and highly complex PD-L1 expression testing landscape – an important biomarker in the immuno-oncology space'. 

More specifically, the study measures and tracks awareness, perceptions and detailed usage metrics around PD-L1 expression testing across all solid cancer types. 

It is currently only available in the US, though roll-out to other markets is planned. 

“The evolving PD-L1 testing story is unique in its level of complexity, pace of change and lack of standardisation," said Pieter De Richter, head of Ipsos Healthcare’s molecular diagnostics portfolio.

"Now, by combining perceptions of multiple stakeholders with robust real-world behavioural data, we are able to form a complete picture of the PD-L1 testing market."