NEWS24 July 2014

Ipsos’ half year results show 5.9% drop in revenue

Europe Financials

FRANCE — Ipsos has recorded €756m in revenue for the first half of 2014, a drop of 5.9% from the same period last year.

‘Currency effects’ – the result of converting revenues outside the euro zone into euros – were cited as the main contributor to this trend, reducing revenue by 5.1%.

The other contributing factor was reported as changes in the scope of consolidation, reflecting sold or discontinued businesses, which reduced revenue by 0.9%. Organic growth was recorded as 0.1%.

According to the announcement, it was during the second quarter, which accounts for nearly 55% of total revenue for the first half, that Ipsos suffered: between April and June revenue was down 7.1% from the same period in 2013.