NEWS14 February 2023

Ipsos buys B2B research startup Xperiti

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FRANCE – Ipsos has acquired Xperiti, a New York-based company specialising in business-to-business research.

Ben Page

Founded in 2018, Xperiti’s platform uses artificial intelligence technology to analyse large datasets to identify and recruit professionals in over 90 industries.

The software also uses speech to text software to transcribe calls with specialists, and natural language processing to produce call summaries and analytics.

Xperiti has raised $1.2m in funding over three rounds, with investors including AltalR Capital and IBI Tech Fund.

The acquisition will bolster the efficiency and speed of Ipsos’ expert recruitment. Through the deal, the company is looking to scale and optimise its B2B research services globally and grow into adjacent offerings by building a B2B expert insights platform.

Ipsos has not disclosed the financial terms of the acquisition.

Ben Page, chief executive, Ipsos (pictured), said: “B2B is one of the largest and fastest-growing sub-sectors in market research due to ongoing investments in the digital transformation. With Xperiti’s technology and expertise, we will meet the growing demand for large-scale, scientifically rigorous and fast B2B research.”

Yadin Soffer, chief executive and founder, Xperiti, said: “Our platform’s capability to recruit experts in real-time, powered by scraping and natural language processing (NLP) technology, combined with Ipsos global scale and research capabilities, will allow us to redefine how B2B research is collected and analysed.”