NEWS23 March 2012

Ipsos and Innerscope launch biometric TV research

North America Technology

US— Ipsos MediaCT and Innerscope Research have teamed up to create a TV research methodology that uses biometrics to measure audience’s conscious and unconscious responses to programmes.

The new EmoTV offering combines Innerscope’s biometric research with nationwide survey data and focus groups conducted by Ipsos MediaCT.

As participants watch a TV show, four biometric indicators – skin conductance, heart rate, respiration and motion – are measured to see how they are reacting emotionally to what they are seeing.

Bruce Friend (pictured), president of Ipsos MediaCT said: “As someone who has worked in the TV industry for 30 years I know the problem of relying on just one set of data to make a decision on new content. EmoTV gets around this problem and will help us to help our clients make smarter decisions about their content.”