NEWS15 November 2012

IPC study suggests magazines deliver more ROI than TV

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UK — IPC Media’s Insight arm has partnered with Nielsen and Mindshare on a research project that suggests magazines deliver a higher ROI than TV advertisements.

The research, which used purchase data from Nielsen’s Homescan panel alongside AdDynamix data, claims that every £1 invested in magazine advertising generates an average ROI of £1.40.

Nielsen scrutinised the advertising campaigns of six FMCG brands – Lenor, Comfort, Flash Febreze, Hellmann’s, Colgate and Dove – and attempted to isolate the effect of the magazine advertising on household spend.

It calculated that advertising in magazines led to an average increase of 8% in household spend. Advertising spend data was then used to calculate the ROI.

In addition to the Nielsen analysis, IPC partnered with Mindshare on an econometric modelling project. IPC said this demonstrated that magazines deliver a higher ROI than TV and “can be used to improve the efficiency of a campaign without increasing the total budget”.

Amanda Wigginton, IPC Insight director, said: “AdValue provides compelling evidence that magazines are effective in delivering ROI and directly impact the bottom line. Econometric modelling has also been able to show that magazines are often being under-utilised too.”



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...And in other news, turkeys have voted against Christmas

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12 years ago

Surely the headline should say "IPC study suggests magazines deliver more ROI than TV for FMCG brands".

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