NEWS3 March 2016

IPA launches diversity pledge

Media News UK

UK – The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) has launched MakeTheLeap, calling on agencies and media owners to pledge to meet diversity and equality goals by 2020.


The leap year timed initiative, launched on the 29th February, has already seen 20 organisations sign up including Creston Unlimited, Havas Media group, Mindshare UK, Twitter and Mediacom.

The pledge involves meeting four targets in the next four years: aim for 40% female representation in senior positions; 15% BAME representation in senior positions; help eliminate unconscious bias through training; and raise awareness of IPA’s flexible, or agile, working policies.

IPA president Tom Knox said: “This initiative puts into action all the great intention and momentum building around the issue in the industry, it does so in a simple and accessible way. This is not about scrutinising which agencies are doing better or worse than others, or applying unrealistic goals, but by asking agencies to make a pledge and take a step it should move the issue far higher up their agenda”.

Twitter’s UK managing director, Dara Nasr, said: "For us to deliver real and meaningful improvements in diversity and equality it’s crucial that we pull together as an industry. By pledging to meet these new standards we're sending out a clear message that things have to – and will – change."

To participate companies can visit wewillmaketheleap.comsubmit their pledge and tweet they have signed up using #MakeTheLeap.