NEWS20 August 2009

Interpret examines mobile handset purchases

North America

US— New media research firm Interpret has launched a tool to understand what motivates consumers when choosing mobile phone handsets, especially in the final few moments before buying.

MobileTrax, which is a syndicated research tool, identifies the potential audience and demographic profile for each handset and provides a quantitative proxy for purchase drivers, which it uses as as a benchmark for forecasting future sales.

The research examines key decision drivers and in-store triggers in the moments leading up to a purchase. It will also identify purchase barriers and examine the influencing factors among consumers who did not ultimately buy a handset.

Interpret said the service is designed to help vendors and mobile phone carriers understand pre- and post-launch consumer awareness and the buzz surrounding certain handsets. The firm said the service can also be used to provide insight into laptops and other mobile devices.

CEO Michael Dowling (pictured) said: “It’s important for every vendor in this space to understand consumer behaviour in the last ten minutes of the purchase cycle as well as the usage models for the first 30 days post-purchase.”