NEWS4 July 2014

Intelligence managers see big future for big data

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GLOBAL — 78% of intelligence managers believe big data will have a high or very high impact on MI by 2020, according to a new study.

The Market Intelligence Trends 2020 survey by Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA) collected opinion from 139 marketing intelligence managers worldwide on what the market intelligence landscape will look like in the coming six years.

Key findings were:

  • respondents believed that 42% of market intelligence (MI) programmes will focus on competitors in 2020 and only 23% will focus on customers
  • 30% of MI professionals consider analytical skills to be the most important MI skill in 2020
  • More visualised dissemination of information is seen to have the most positive impact on MI by 2020
  • 42% of MI professionals expect either the internet or social media to be the most important information channel in 2020, while only 24% say it will be direct communication with other people