NEWS3 June 2015

Instagram steps up advertising offer

North America Technology

US — Instagram is to introduce new targeting and purchase options to its advertising offer.


The picture-based social media app will offer more targeting capabilities and “action-oriented” formats.

Instagram users will see buttons below sponsored images, prompting them to “shop now”, “install now” or “sign up now”. These buttons open a mini-browser within the app, allowing the user to return to Instagram once the action has been taken. The targeting capability, allowing ads to be tailored to users according to their interests and demographics, will expand on the existing connection between Instagram ads and user data within Facebook.

According to tech news site Tech Crunch, the action-oriented format will be rolled out gradually, starting with a test later this week in Spain.

“People come to Instagram to follow their passions, from travel and fashion to cars and entertainment,” read the announcement on Instagram’s blog. “They want to see ads that reflect the things they care about. Advertisers also want to target their messages in more effective ways and reach people not just because of their age, location and gender, but because of the people, places and things they love.”