NEWS23 September 2014

Instagram launches ads in the UK

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UK — Ads will appear in the Instagram feeds of users in the UK from today.

Ads have been appearing in US feeds of the picture sharing social network since September 2013, and will be “rolled out slowly” in the UK, according to the company’s press release. In August, the company announced the launch of a suite of tools offering ad insights for brands using the platform for promotion. Ads from brands including Starbucks, Cadbury, Channel 4, Rimmel London, Sony Music, Estée Lauder and Waitrose will be the first to appear in the UK.

Sponsored photos will appear in the main feed and will be marked with a “sponsored” label. Users will have the option to hide ads they don’t like and provide feedback on why they did so.

“Images are fast becoming a primary way that people communicate – both the everyday and the spectacular,” said James Quarles, Instagram’s global head of Business and Brand Development. “Our aim is to help brands create ads that feel as natural to Instagram as the photos and videos people already share and enjoy.”