NEWS12 January 2021

InSites Consulting partners with Provokers in Latin America

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BELGIUM – Online community company InSites Consulting has entered a strategic partnership with Latin American insight agency Provokers.

Kristof De Wulf

Founded in 2010, Provokers operates throughout the region with seven offices in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Uruguay, offering services in insights, analytics and business consulting.

The partnership will expand InSites Consulting’s access to the Latin America region for local and global clients. The businesses will work together in the region but will not integrate at this point.

The approach is similar to a partnership InSites entered into with Australian company Direction First in 2014, which it later acquired.

InSites has offices in 17 markets in Europe, the UK, the US, Asia-Pacific and Africa.

In the last two years, the company has acquired UK consumer insight agency Join the Dots, Asian insight community ABN Impact and French creative platform eÿeka.

Kristof De Wulf, chief executive of InSites Consulting (pictured), said: “Our buy-and-build strategy has focused on building a truly global footprint around a unified portfolio, and we are excited to have found such a perfect match with Provokers.

“Our shared vision on the future of market research, our strong focus on consultative services, and the ... geographies and services offered, form a strong foundation for this strategic partnership in Latin America.”

Alexandre Catelan, chief executive of Provokers, added: “We believe this partnership to be a stepping stone towards a successful, even more integrated future for our combined agencies.”