NEWS26 January 2022

Insights industry urged to achieve net zero by 2026

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UK – Industry action group the Insight Climate Collective (ICC) has launched a roadmap for achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2026.

Climate change protestor

The report covering the net zero plan, Net-Zero in Sight, outlines the responsibility of market researchers to help define, inspire, support and track the changes needed in the insights industry to achieve net zero.

The report analyses carbon emissions across the sector and identifies where companies can reduce their carbon footprint, such as through office energy policies and air travel.

Market Research Society (MRS) members are recommended to sign up to the net zero pledge, with non-MRS members also retaining the same timeframe of reducing emissions to net zero by 2026.

Net-Zero in Sight also provides practical guidance for companies, with five main priorities, including setting up a dedicated team to work on climate strategy.

Measuring and reporting on major business emissions, remove any carbon emissions that cannot be reduced, keep updated on and implement best practice, and educating staff on net zero and climate change are other recommendations included in the report.

The ICC found that 95% of insights professionals agreed that climate change is an urgent issue, but 55% felt it was not a priority for their organisation, with 52% saying that taking action was “expensive”.

The report recommends ways employers can address barriers to staff engagement, through clear guidelines and education programmes which give more clarity on when to accept or turn down briefs, and how to challenge clients to consider the climate in their work.

Jem Fawcus, founder at the Insight Climate Collective and chief executive at Firefish, said: “We call upon the industry to get its own house in order, by signing up to eliminate emissions by 2026, while at the same time working to put climate considerations at the heart of all aspects of our work and using our collective experience and skills to influence clients and stakeholders.

“We have an ambitious timeline to turn this around, but ambition is needed in this era-defining struggle.”

Nick Baker, chair of MRS and one of the co-founders of the ICC, said: “Every organisation, no matter the size, has a critical role to play in tackling the climate emergency.

“The practical recommendations in this report are not onerous and taken collectively will have a rapid and significant impact on reducing emissions. The timeline is ambitious, but this is an industry that doesn’t shy away from big ideas and bold decisions.”

Download the report Net-Zero in Sight.