NEWS8 April 2020

Insights businesses asked to drop non-compete agreements

Covid-19 News North America

US – Market research trade body the Insights Association has called on companies to suspend non-compete agreements for staff who have been laid off without compensation as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak.


Non-compete agreements impede workers from securing new means of earning a living, the Insights Association said, calling for its members and organisations operating in the market research and data analytics industries to stop enforcing them.

The organisation said pausing such practices would not result in employers forgoing their rights, including legal action, against employees who misuse confidential or proprietary information.

It said it supports the use of non-solicit and non-disclosure agreements because employers must be able to serve their existing client base and ensure protection of intellectual and confidential information. 

Melanie Courtright, chief executive, the Insights Association, said: “Traditional business practices often are overlooked and remain in place for too long. We believe this to be the case with non-compete agreements.

“Respect for our industry will rise and fall based on how we treat employees at a time like this. We believe that our reputation and our future viability stands to suffer if, as an industry, we unduly prevent anyone from pursuing their livelihood and providing for their family.”