NEWS24 March 2020

Insights Association in final plea for CCPA clarification

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US – The Insights Association (IA) has called for greater clarity from the State Attorney General about the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) rules and a delay to their enforcement.

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The IA filed comments with the California Attorney General Xavier Becerra on March 23, 2020, responding to the third draft of regulations to implement CCPA. 

It is due to be enforced from July 1 but the IA said there were only a handful of changes in the third draft – one in particular, on IP addresses, confused CCPA compliance matters more it said.

The IA said a delay to enforcement "has been heightened exponentially due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic".

"In many cases right now, businesses are struggling to implement CCPA compliance measures while working remotely. Furthermore, the costs of compliance must also now be balanced against the crushing macroeconomic impacts of the virus, including a looming recession. This delay would give businesses the bare minimum time to analyse the final regulations and respond accordingly and responsibly."