NEWS13 December 2023

Insights Association updates code to amend research definition

News North America

US – Industry organisation the Insights Association has updated its Code of Standards and Ethics for Market Research and Data Analytics, with the definition of ‘research’ and the addition of artificial intelligence among the changes.

Code of standards and ethics checklist_crop

The Insight Association’s code is reviewed by annually by its standards committee with input from members.

As part of the changes, the organisation has replaced the previous definition of ‘research’ to match the new definition in the Esomar/ICC code.

The Insights Association’s code’s definition of research is now as follows: ‘Research, which includes all forms of market, opinion, and social research, including data analytics applied for research purposes, means the systematic gathering, analysis, and interpretation of information about individuals and organizations. It uses the statistical and/or analytical methods and techniques of the applied social, behavioral, data and other sciences to generate insights and support decision-making by providers of goods and services, governments, non-profit organizations and the general public.’  

The change was made “as part of a broader effort to align with fellow organisations worldwide and to avoid potential confusion and disparity across our global industry,” the body said.

Elsewhere, the association has also changed the term it uses to describe those engaging in market research, with these persons now referred to throughout the code as research ‘participants’.

In other changes, the list of definitions now includes the term ‘artificial intelligence’ and the code includes a new section entitled ‘Data and technology’, with AI specifically called out.

Adherence to the enforceable code is required by all members of the Insights Association.