NEWS14 January 2011

InsightExpress recruits panel companies for Ignite Network

Data analytics North America

US— InsightExpress is working with a quartet of undisclosed panel companies to track online behaviour, ad exposure and decay rates on a longer-term basis than site intercept surveys allow.

Respondents within the so-called ‘Ignite Network’, which number more than 10 million people, are having tracking code installed on their computers to understand their online habits and to report back to InsightExpress whenever they encounter one of the company’s beacons which are tied to advertising content.

This, says chief research officer Marc Ryan, triggers follow up surveys to be sent to panellists days, weeks or months after the ad exposure to measure recall and other key metrics, and to see how the effect of the ad decays over time.

Ryan says advertisers will also be able to interrogate, via surveys and third-party database matching, whether specific actions have been taken since a respondent encountered an advert. An automotive company, for instance, might want to know whether seeing an ad led a respondent to visit a particular website, or to call their local dealer and arrange for a test drive – maybe even buy the car.