NEWS14 September 2012

InsightExpress launches Ignite Mobile panel system

North America Technology

US— InsightExpress has launched its first mobile panel product, Ignite Mobile, which will let marketers measure exposure to mobile advertising using a 250,000-member panel of iOS, Android or Windows Phone users.

The Stamford-based company claims that Ignite Mobile will improve media measurement “by persistently linking mobile ad exposure to consumer attitudes and behaviour”.

It will recruit respondents by email in order to reduce the need for notification-based survey prompts on devices and will run limited advertisements as a result.

The system is being used by internet radio service Pandora in the US to track its 56 million registered users and measure cross-platform ad effectiveness.

Heidi Browning, senior VP of strategic solutions at Pandora, said: “InsightExpress is helping marketers understand the isolated and additive effect of our online and mobile advertising.”