NEWS10 April 2013

InsightExpress adds Affdex to CreativeImpact

Data analytics North America

US — Marketing research and data analytics firm InsightExpress has formed an alliance with emotion measurement technology provider Affectiva.

The partnership will see Affdex, Affectiva’s automated facial analysis technology, added to InsightExpress’ copy-testing offering CreativeImpact to give brands the opportunity to optimise advertising effectiveness research through quantitative neuromarketing.

Affdex uses webcams to read emotional states from facial expressions to measure consumer response to advertising and media while CreativeImpact features methodology that blindly exposes respondents to adds embedded within actual TV show content for an authentic viewing experience.

Co-CEO of InsightExpress Marc Ryan said: “The powerful combination of InsightExpress and Affective provides our clients with an invaluable window into emotional insight to enhance the strategic refinement of their advertising and branding efforts.”