NEWS14 February 2014

Sightcorp, Affectiva launch mobile-based facial analysis

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NETHERLANDS/US — Sightcorp and Affectiva, two firms in the facial expression analysis space, have launched development kits to allow mobile app developers to use smartphone cameras to detect users’ emotions.

Sightcorp for mobile

Sightcorp’s mobile SDK in action

Sightcorp has two development kits in-market: CrowdSight, which uses facial analysis to determine age and gender, mood, attention and emotional reactions; and InSight, which offers eye-tracking alongside emotion recognition.

Affectiva’s Affdex kit, meanwhile, is a mobile-ready version of its existing online facial analysis technology. “Users’ facial expressions are captured (via device camera, video or single image) and valuable emotion insights are generated on-device,” the company said.