NEWS6 June 2023

Inex One launches multi-sourcing feature

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SWEDEN – Expert network marketplace Inex One has developed a new feature meaning market research professionals can work with multiple survey firms within the same project.

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Stockholm-based Inex One, which was set up in 2018 by former management consulting executives, gathers expert networks in one portal.

Clients, including businesses in the consulting and private equity sectors, use the system to access specialists for in-depth interviews.  

 In 2021, the business raised $3m from new and existing investors including J12 Ventures and former Cint chief operating officer Richard Thornton.

It has now launched a new feature which it says will help market research professionals wanting to work with multiple survey providers and B2B panels within the same project.

Called Survey Multi-Source Capability, the new feature, says Inex One, will help solve " the pain points” faced by researchers when running survey projects.

Inex One, which is headed up by CEO Max Friberg (pictured), says by using its new feature- and working with multiple survey providers-research professionals will  “gain access to a wealth of diverse knowledge and perspectives”.

It highlights that the feature is an attractive alternative to sourcing respondents from multiple panels and vendors, which it points out often requires handling communications across various channels, creating inefficiencies and complexities, especially for B2B surveys.

“Multi-Source Capability opens up a world of possibilities for our customers,” says Ana Price, head of surveys at Inex One.

“They can now leverage the expertise of multiple survey providers simultaneously, gaining diverse insights and streamlining their research process. It’s an exciting advancement that empowers users to make more informed decisions”.