NEWS12 December 2011

Indian body puts out RFI ahead of print survey relaunch

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INDIA— The Readership Studies Council of India (RSCI) has issued a global request for information to gauge the state-of-the-art in readership research ahead of the launch of the country’s new print media survey.

The new survey is a combination of the National Readership Survey (run by the National Readership Studies Council) and the Indian Readership Survey (owned by the Media Research Users’ Council), which was announced earlier this year. It will operate under the IRS banner for the sake of continuity.

By sending out a global RFI (request for information), the RSCI hopes to gather ideas in order to develop a blueprint for the new combined survey, which aims to be a “gold standard” piece of research.

Respondents must provide any information to the RSCI by 22 December.


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13 years ago

I would be glad to help for a fee. Why would I give information that is worht money for nothing. You can look me up at the web site I introduced the idea of passive measurment of print. Good luck as I recall you folks have 10+ languages to deal with plus a rural population which requires some very unique interviewing techniques. Stepehen A. Douglas EVP Research DJG Marketing LLC New York, NY 212-840-6265

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