NEWS11 March 2011

ImpactRX launches panel of respiratory specialists

North America

US— Physician panel provider ImpactRX is now offering a sample of pulmonologists – doctors specialising in respiratory illnesses.

The firm already runs 12 similar panels, made up of specialists in fields such as primary care, oncology, endocrinology and neurology, and like the others the new sample is made up of professionals equipped with iPhones.

ImpactRX’s panels are used to measure the impact of promotion on physicians’ prescribing behaviour by collecting real-time data about the effectiveness of product marketing campaigns.

CEO Richard Altus said: “Competitors in this marketplace will need to work harder for a share of the pulmonogist’s attention, and ImpactRX’s unique point-of-promotion and point-of-treatment research model will provide our clients unmatched insight into the impact of their promotional efforts.”