NEWS1 March 2024

iMotions releases tools for academics and students

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DENMARK – Human behaviour software platform iMotions has released a platform for academics and students to study human behaviour.

Eye tracking

The platform, called EduLabs, will include built-in integrations for popular biosensors and eye trackers, as well as tools to analyse data live and generate heatmaps, graphs and tables.

EduLabs’ online component is a browser-based software platform targeted at groups of 20 to 100 that provides access to eye tracking and facial expression analysis tools.

The platform will also allow for collaborations and expansion beyond a single discipline or department, therefore allowing researchers from different fields and backgrounds to tackle complex and interdisciplinary challenges.

Peter Harzbech, chief executive and founder at iMotions, said: “We believe that human behaviour research will be a cornerstone of academia — for students, researchers and institutions as a whole.

“EduLabs has been imagined and developed with this in mind: giving students access to the essential research tools of tomorrow, powering deeper academic studies and creating a foundation for revenue-generating partnerships — all of which can help propel institutions forward.”