NEWS1 March 2021

iMotions launches online research tool

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DENMARK – Human behaviour software platform iMotions has launched an online data collection module to help run research projects in natural environments during Covid-19.

Eye tracking

‘Online Data Collection’ uses a browser interface and participants’ webcams to collect eye tracking and facial expression data, which can then be analysed and processed through a desktop tool.

iMotions, which was formed in 2005, said that Online Data Collection would help navigate study challenges from Covid-19 and also help enhance lab-based research in the long term.

Peter Hartzbech, found and chief executive of iMotions, said: “The future of human behavior research isn’t in the lab alone, but in complementing that by measuring and analysing behaviour in natural environments.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed a short-term need to get into the real world, but it’s only reinforced the overall need of researchers seeking to gain as much understanding as possible.”