NEWS5 November 2021

IFF Research launches energy and environment department

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UK – IFF Research is to launch an energy and environment department to help inform environmental policy decisions and support sustainable business across the UK.


The new team will build on IFF’s existing experience in sustainability research, which includes a BEIS study exploring decarbonisation attitudes among social housing providers; research to explore how apprenticeships can support the transition to a greener economy for Skills Development Scotland; and market testing to determine public engagement with the climate crisis and offsetting carbon emissions.

IFF’s Energy & Environment team is headed by director and head of energy & environment Andrew Skone James, who has worked on a range of projects for BEIS, the Environment Agency, the Food Standards Agency and the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board. The team includes director Matt Barnes, who specialises in delivering large-scale evaluations and has delivered a range of research projects in the agriculture, energy and environment space; and senior research manager Nicola Wildash, who has led numerous studies focused on energy efficiency.

Skone James said: “The world is on the brink of fundamental change and we desperately need to find ways of reducing our environmental impacts and adapting to the new surroundings we will find ourselves in. By fashioning a sector that focuses on energy and the environment we are able to better support our clients who are at the forefront of developing and delivering the solutions we need.”