NEWS3 February 2010

Idaho research call centre axes jobs

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US— Data collection firm Mountain West Research Center has cut an unspecified amount of jobs at its Pocatello call centre in Idaho.

Mountain West director Jesse Reinhold told that at full strength, the call centre would employ 75 workers. A comment on a news report at from one of the employees who was laid off said that workers were told only 20-25 people would be kept on.

The company said that the reduction was “temporary” and blamed the financial climate for the cuts.

In a statement, the firm said: “Ongoing variability in market research activities stemming from the economic downturn and nascent recovery have necessitated a short term workforce realignment.”

The statement went on to say that Mountain West “will be maintaining a reduced staff in Pocatello to continue to service existing clients and facilitate a speedy resumption of full-scale operations within a short period of time”.