NEWS12 August 2009

ICF Macro awarded $15m Homeland Security contract

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US— ICF Macro has been awarded a $15.2m contract by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to conduct the National Survey on Recreational Boating Safety over the next five years.

The firm will conduct alternating annual surveys about the boating community and the people who take part in the activity with a view to helping the DHS and the US Coast Guard target safety programmes and initiatives to specific segments.

It is the first major public win for Macro since it was acquired by ICF Consulting in a $155m deal earlier this year.

Thomas Duffy, vice president at ICF Macro, said: “We are excited to start working on this new opportunity. This contract builds upon our practice in survey work related to recreational fisheries, and allows us to further expand our qualifications for outdoor recreation research.”



13 years ago

I'm real happy that they won this contract. I just wish that they would stop calling me, even after I told them I was not interested in participating. They keep saying that my opinion is very important. My opinion is that they are very annoying.

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13 years ago

I got a call from ICF Macro. Caller identified himself as the Coast Guard. I do not own a boat. I have not been on a boat in close to twenty years. It was suppertime. Exactly why is my government spending $15 million dollars to survey people on this topic? At the very least, survey people who have licenses for boats and leave the rest of us alone. In this economy with hungry people needing jobs, recreational boat usage is the least of our worries.

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