NEWS12 April 2012

Ibope Zogby becomes Ibope Inteligência

M&A North America

US— Ibope Zogby, formerly Zogby International, has been rebranded as Ibope Inteligência following the Ibope Group’s takeover of the firm last month.

The Ibope Inteligência brand is used in five other markets where the company operates.

Ibope Inteligência CEO Kjell de Orr (pictured) said: “Changing our name to reflect the international reach of our parent company helps showcase the overall strength and resources behind Ibope Inteligência. It’s an exciting time for the company, and for the Ibope Group as a whole.”

Ibope originally took a majority stake in Zogby in 2010. Founder John Zogby is now working as a senior adviser at JZ Analytics, a custom research agency founded by his son Jonathan.