NEWS19 October 2023

IAS launches ‘made for advertising’ detection tool

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UK – Media measurement and optimisation platform Integral Ad Science (IAS) has created an artificial intelligence-based site detection and avoidance tool.

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The tool focuses on Made for Advertising (MFA) and will seek to improve transparency into advertiser campaign quality, identify where spend is being allocated and inform optimisations on MFA websites.

MFA sites are web pages featuring low-quality content is created solely to serve advertisements and are optimised to perform well against traditional verification metrics, such as viewability.

However, advertising spend on MFA sites does not drive meaningful outcomes, such as conversions or brand lift, IAS said.

IAS’s new product uses artificial intelligence to find MFA sites at scale, allowing advertisers to cut down on wasted spend.

The IAS MFA product completed alpha testing in early October 2023, and is available now as a beta measurement offering for select customers, with general availability expected in early 2024.

Yannis Dosios, chief commercial officer at Integral Ad Science, said: “Our MFA product was built to deliver unprecedented transparency to advertisers and provide them with the ability to both detect and avoid MFA sites in order to redirect their ad spend to publishers that drive a return.

“The industry faces a significant challenge in combating MFA sites. By leveraging AI, we have developed a scalable way to identify these low-quality sources of inventory and improve overall campaign performance.”