NEWS5 January 2024

IAS launches machine learning advertising quality tool

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US – Media measurement and optimisation platform Integral Ad Science (IAS) has released a media quality and eye tracking tool that combines the technologies with machine learning.

Eye tracking

The tool, called Quality Attention, uses machine learning alongside data from Lumen Research’s eye-tracking technology and signals such as viewability and user interaction from IAS’s technology and weighs them into a single attention score.

The attention model then created allows users to predict if an ad impression is more likely to lead to a business result, such as awareness, consideration and conversion.

IAS and Lumen Research agreed an initial partnership in 2023 focused on the measurement of digital advertising impressions.

Yannis Dosios, chief commercial officer at IAS, said: “Our Quality Attention offering is purpose-built to help brands and agencies navigate through media clutter to seamlessly understand how media visibility, the ad environment and customer interaction impact campaign performance.”

Mike Follett, chief executive at Lumen Research, said: “We are excited about the evolution of our partnership with IAS and how we are offering advertisers a transparent and more accurate picture of attention.

“By bringing our cutting-edge eye-tracking data to IAS’s attention model, advertisers have access to the most robust predictive attention models at scale.”