NEWS12 March 2021

IAB launches AI guidance

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US – Digital media and marketing trade body the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has published best practice guidance on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) as part of its working group examining the subject.

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The guidance, called Artificial intelligence use cases and best practices for marketing, is aimed to help businesses use AI properly and sets standards for organisations looking to take advantage of the technology.

The guide includes nine use cases ranging from internal robotic process automation and data migration for agencies to AI use cases for creative, contextual and video.

The report comes from the IAB’s AI Standards Working Group, which is co-chaired by IBM Watson Advertising and Nielsen.

Angelina Eng, vice-president, measurement and attribution, programmatic+data centre, at the IAB, said: “AI is the only technology that can keep up with the petabytes of data that are the hallmark of successful digital marketing playbooks today.

“The IAB AI Standards Working Group is helping define the groundwork and best practices the industry needs to ensure privacy, measurement, and addressability. Ultimately, this will lead to creating agreed-upon standards.”